Dawn Richard

2017 Visionary Icon

"I feel glad and proud to be a part of something so beautiful because women of color are overlooked in the fashion and arts world, period. I think we are present and here; and I think the louder our moments and the louder of voices, the more people are going to stop ignoring that we exist [in the arts and entertainment industry]."

Randall Woodfin,

Mayor of Birmingham

"I am proud of the platform that Poze Bazaar has created to invest in the growth and development of our youth. Their purpose, commitment, and dedication to helping others will be an example for others to follow. It was truly an honor to participate and experience this creative platform and I look forward to attending for years to come!"

Kelly Lane

Actress, Artist

"Poze Bazaar 2017 was a great event to showcase my art collection and connect with the audience. I appreciate the opportunity to speak on stage and talk about my art and inspirations. The diversity of the crowd, entertainment, and overall atmosphere of the event was amazing!"

Sarah Neely

Celebrity Stylist

Poze Bazaar 2017 was an amazing and life-changing event. I was given the opportunity to style multi-platinum recording artist

Dawn Richard, which was groundbreaking for my career. In addition, I was able to style an entire scene of models. I am forever grateful and fortunate to be a part of one of the best shows I've experienced!"

Tim Majors

Fdr. of BHAM Stands

"Bringing together a highlight reel of arts and entertainment not normally seen in the Magic City, Poze Bazaar 2017 was a blessing to the city of Birmingham. I'm very thankful that BHAMStands was able to be a part of this wonderful event, and I'm looking forward to collaborating again for the next show!"